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The National Headquarters (HQ) consists of National Board of Directors (BOD), National Headquarters Staff (HQ Staff), and National Committees (HQ Committees). 

The BOD plans the strategic direction of the Sorority, the HQ Staff leads the day-to-day operations, and the HQ Committees contribute to the completion of special projects. The National Headquarter relationship is a partnership and cannot function without all groups working in tandem.

These Dedicated Female Leaders® embody the virtues of Delta Phi Lambda® and work tirelessly to shape the future of our Everlasting Sisterhood®.

Dedicated Female Leaders®

in Action

DFL Rose Pattern - Small.png

"Being part of the National HQ has allowed me to meet so many loving and inspiring Sisters. It's amazing that we are all working towards the same goal of making our Everlasting Sisterhood stronger and better for the future." 

Maggie Yang

University of Wisconsin-Madison

2020-2022 BOD Member

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"I love being on HQ Staff because of the people I get to work and interact with. Although I worked in the expansion branch, everyone on the HQ Staff plays a vital part in the growth and the current development of our sisters, chapters, and sorority as a whole."


Pactra Chab

Grand Valley State University

2020-2022 HQ Staff Member

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