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Our National Headquarters (HQ) consists of a Board of Directors (BOD) and National Headquarters Staff (HQ Staff). The BOD plans the strategic direction of the sorority while the HQ Staff leads the day-to-day operations and implements the strategic plan. The Board-Headquarters relationship is a partnership and cannot function without both working in tandem.
These Dedicated Female Leaders® embody the virtues of Delta Phi Lambda® and work tirelessly to shape the future of our Everlasting Sisterhood®.

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Looking for opportunities to give back to the sorority on a national level? We offer a variety of options to fit your level of availability. Contact the Director of Human Resources at if interested in an open volunteer opportunity.

National Headquarters
If you are an Alumna looking for an opportunity to stay involved after graduation, we offer 40+ national staff positions that are non-elected, hired one-year contracted positions. The application period for HQ Staff is in May. We also open nominations for vacant Board of Director positions in March. These are elected, two-year positions.

Judicial Committee

If you're interested in Sorority governance, upholding our Virtues, and promoting restorative justice, consider joining our Judicial Committee! The primary duties of this committee include:

  • Assist the Judicial Chairman in conducting investigations and recommending further actions

  • Propose recommendations of investigation outcomes to the Board of Directors

Social Activism Committee

In addition to Asian awareness, Delta Phi Lambda strives to inform our members about local and national social issues. If you have a passion for social justice movements and education, consider joining the Social Activism Committee (SAC)! The primary duties of this committee include:

  • Review requests for statements on local and national issues

  • Provide resources seeking to educate and empower sisters to act on said issues

  • Provide guidance in writing appropriate statements on local issues affecting the chapter level

Expansion Assistance

Are you interested in expanding to new schools, building relationships with universities, and nurturing potential new members? This committee’s primary functions are to:

  • Assist the Regional Expansion Coordinators with hosting national recruitment events and presenting expansion petitions to ideal universities

  • Meet and build relationships with potential new members and inform them of the expansion requirements

Elections Committee

Are you interested in learning more about the election process and conducting a fair HQ election? This committee’s primary functions are to

  • Ensure the elections process is conducted in a fair, timely, and efficient manner

  • Coordinate all Board of Directors elections activities including nominations and the application process

  • Coordinate all Headquarters Staff elections activities including nominations and the application process

  • Be a point of contact for any election-related questions

Convention Committee (ad-hoc)

Are you interested in event planning and logistics? This committee’s primary functions may vary depending on the needs of the Convention Coordinator:

  • Research on sponsorships

  • Assist with banquet setup and rundown

  • Help with workshop planning and sisterhood activities 

  • Prepare gifts for registered personnel

National Awards Committee (ad-hoc)

Are you interested in recognizing collegiate and alumnae members for their achievements? This committee’s primary functions include:

  • Review anonymous nominations from chapters and members 

  • Rate nominations on a point-scale system

DEIB Committee

Are you interested in learning more about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) practices in your life and in the sorority? Then this is the team for you. This committee’s primary functions include:

  • Monthly meetings

  • Opportunities for participation (research, event hosting, surveying, discussion, and more)

Volunteer Ops

Dedicated Female Leaders®

in Action


"Being part of the National HQ has allowed me to meet so many loving and inspiring Sisters. It's amazing that we are all working towards the same goal of making our Everlasting Sisterhood stronger and better for the future." 

Maggie Yang

University of Wisconsin-Madison

2020-2022 BOD Member


"I love being on HQ Staff because of the people I get to work and interact with. Although I worked in the expansion branch, everyone on the HQ Staff plays a vital part in the growth and the current development of our sisters, chapters, and sorority as a whole."


Pactra Chab

Grand Valley State University

2020-2021 HQ Staff Member

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