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We understand as a parent how challenging it can be to send your child off to a university, hoping you have instilled the foundation for them to make good decisions on their own. Delta Phi Lambda is the perfect organization for your child to find their home away from home. They will gain a network of over 1500 women nationwide who will serve as sources of inspiration and support as they transition into learning more about their own identity and who they have the potential of becoming.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our members get the most out of their collegiate experience and provide numerous opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, excel academically, embrace diversity and build life-life relationships with the women they’ll call sisters.


We wholeheartedly believe that Delta Phi Lambda will be a positive influence as they navigates this exciting time in their life.

According to several studies, the following Greek Life Statistics demonstrate the benefits of college students joining a Greek organization:


Academic Excellence

  • 20% of college graduation rates are higher among Greek members.

  • 70% of all those who join a Greek organization graduate.


Giving Back to the Community

  • Over $7 million is raised each year by Greek organizations nationally.

  • 850,000 hours are volunteered by Greek organizations annually.


Becoming a Leader

  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives belong to Greek life.

  • 40 of 47 U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910 were Greek members.

  • 95% of the U.S. President and Vice President have been Greek members.

  • The first female Senator and first female Astronaut were Greek members.


Small Financial Obligation

  • Less than 2% of an average college student's expenses go toward Greek member dues

Benefits & Impact of Greek Life Members

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