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PO Box 80444, Athens, Georgia 30608

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While our sisters are individually passionate about many different avenues of service, each of us have a personal connection and journey to the sororities key initiatives below.

Everlasting Sisterhood

Our sisterhood is a close-knit group of women from different cultures aiming towards creating an organization that provides the social and emotional support needed to thrive throughout all the stages of a woman's life.


Through this shared sisterhood we provide our communities a forum that they might not have access to otherwise, to bridge the gap between individuals who may have differing views, and continue to strip away at stereotypes against women.


The bonds between our sisters are everlasting and we place value in curated a safe place for women to grow into the best versions of themselves.

Asian Awareness

We strive to advocate for not only ourselves, but also the greater Asian community. We seek to provide a united voice of positive change on the issues including immigrant rights, Asian violence prevention and awareness, API-focused voting rights and language access.

We are focused on engaging young women interested in deepening their understanding of Asian community issues, sharing Asian culture and building trust between diverse groups of people that inspires local action. Chapters across the nation host events such as forums, presentations and workshops to expose students and the surrounding communities to the value of civic engagement and the need for community leadership within 
the underrepresented Asian community.



  • Member of the National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association (NAPA)

  • Partnered with Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS)

Empowering Women Leaders

Women bring a unique value and perspective to each opportunity presented. Our sorority is designed to equip women who are already proven leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to have greater impact and broader influence within our organization, their campus’, the workforce and life.


We support our sisters to gain essential skills and experiences that enhance their ability to achieve their highest potential through education, mentoring, and networking. They’ll learn to harness their existing strengths, build new competencies, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will ultimately provide them with a renewed leadership identity.

In our communities, we take an active role in promoting discussions about women's rights, unconscious bias, and the value of men allies through a blend of lectures, guest speakers, self-assessments and networking.​​


  • Attendance at the AFLV Conference

    • Our midyear conference is in co-partnership with the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Conference. This is the largest gathering of undergraduate fraternity and sorority leaders from councils and chapters in the U.S. bringing together more than 3,000 participants. AFLV features joint workshops and presentations as well as a curriculum that will address specific issues facing the many councils within our fraternal communities like risk management, intake, intra-council relationships, and liability issues.

  • Attendance at the National DFL Convention

    • Our annual national convention is a forum where sisters from around the U.S. unite bringing culturally diverse perspectives to teach, learn and reflect amongst each other. During convention, we conduct sorority business, learn about new programs and initiatives, recognize chapter and individual excellence, invest in our own personal and professional development, and most importantly, strengthen the bonds of everlasting sisterhood.

Osteoporosis Awareness

We are proud to partner with our National Philanthropy, American Bone Health, to provide awareness and prevention advocacy for osteoporosis.


Our collaboration with American Bone Health will raise much-needed funds but also engage new audiences, provide opportunities to support American Bone Health in the long term, and help alert others about risk factors and preventative measures. We take our philanthropic responsibility seriously. Rather than simply writing a check, we want to build an ongoing partnership that will continue to deliver tangible benefits to communities across the nation.

Our sisters are trained peer educators conducting a number of outreach programs from screenings to workshops for local communities to advocate living a healthy lifestyle, staying active and eating more foods with calcium and vitamin D. By doing these preventative measures, individuals may reduce the chance of developing osteoporosis as they grow older - a common disease women, particularly Asian women, have higher risks of developing.



  • 3 C’s Program

    • Our chapters promote osteoporosis awareness through a national program called The 3 C’s: Collaboration, Cooperation and Celebration. Each semester, chapters host a three-day event that celebrates and raises funds for our national philanthropy, American Bone Health.

DPhiL Week

This week expresses all of our initiatives we strive to achieve as a sorority.

Every chapter has their own unique way of showing how they promote awareness in their campus through multiple creative events hosted during the week. These events range from hosting workshops to fundraising nights and more. 


Our sisters plan months ahead to make sure each event is consistent in portraying quality and detail in every aspect. We only strive for the best when promoting what we find most important in our sorority.