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To help create a strong brand identity and increase recognition, Delta Phi Lambda has developed brand guidelines to ensure our name, logos, marks, and symbols are showcased consistently. If a member or licensed vendor is interested in using these assets, please contact the Creative Director at for access to our guidelines.


Preserving our brand identity

What are our official trademarks?

  • “Delta Phi Lambda”

  • "Delta Phi Lambda Established 1998"

  • the Greek letters “ΔΦΛ"

  • the design of our "Crest"

  • the phrase “Everlasting Sisterhood”

  • the phrase “Dedicated Female Leaders”

  • the design of our delta rose primary logo

What is Greek Licensing and why does it matter?

Just like other trademark owners (companies, universities, sports teams), Greek organizations have the right to claim ownership and control use of those marks through federal court approval.

Delta Phi Lambda has federally registered our trademarks to safeguard the appropriate usage of the marks and guarantee quality products for our members. We are one of many Greek organizations that have entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Affinity Consultants. All commercial use of Delta Phi Lambda’s trademarks must be administered through a license agreement with our organization.

What does this mean for members?

We encourage members to support our organization and buy exclusively from officially licensed Delta Phi Lambda vendors. All official vendors are screened for high quality products and good customer service.


To shop for official Delta Phi Lambda products, visit our entire list of licensed vendors at Here you can access a national network of vendors and get multiple quotes for your custom order needs.


When shopping for Delta Phi Lambda merchandise, look for this logo:


Do you need to be licensed if you are a member?

If you are a member of Delta Phi Lambda and are selling merchandise for profit, you need to be licensed and have merchandise design approved for sale by the Creative Director at

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