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Founded as The Jade Times Newsletter in 2009, the official publication of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. has evolved into Everlasting Magazine. It was created to inform, educate and inspire our members on subjects relevant to our Sorority, our chapters, and the fraternal community. Through this content, we encourage members to engage in meaningful dialogue, celebrate the accomplishments of our Sisters, and equip our Dedicated Female Leaders® to make a positive impact in their communities.

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the Spring 2023 issue!

Everlasting is the official magazine of Delta Phi Lambda. It is published quarterly and is meant to inform, educate and inspire members on subjects relevant to our Sorority, our chapters, and the fraternal community. 


The Sisterhood Issue is meant to celebrate 25 years of Everlasting Sisterhood® by exploring the beauty of life long friendships and empowerment among women.

Read the Spring 2023 issue now!

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We want to amplify your voice!

This is YOUR magazine and we want you to be a part of how it’s shaped each issue! There are several opportunities for members to contribute and engage with the magazine year-round. You are not limited to how much you can be involved.

  • Pitch Story Ideas - Share your expertise, opinion, or personal journey with members. 

  • Submit Artwork - Share your talented graphical skills with members including graphics, illustrations, photographs, and others. 

  • Share Community News - Inform members of top stories that relate to our national initiatives. 

  • Share a Butterfly Sighting - Connect members across the world with unique butterflies on shirts, artwork on walls, a real butterfly, a drawing, etc. Let your imagination run wild! 

  • Provide Feedback - Share thoughts on a prior overall issue, specific article, or a concern of accuracy in a printed article. 

Note: Due to limited space, the Editorial Staff reserves the rights to choose which submissions will be featured, however, all submissions are considered.

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