We take great pride in the passion and leadership our members bring to our organization. We're honored to recognize these chapters and individuals for their success over the year in leadership, philanthropy, community service, and academic achievement within the Greek Community.


We are proud of all our members and chapters for their accomplishments

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Awards & recognition for individual members and chapters

Disclaimer: Due to our inability to meet in person for safety concerns of our members during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to honor all members that were nominated for awards this year in lieu of choosing an individual winner. These honorees worked tirelessly to given back to the sorority, their local chapters and their surrounding communities. We congratulate all of our Dedicated Female Leaders®!

Collegiate Member Awards

Sister of the Year 

Keisha 'Ammo' Foon, UCF

Ngoc 'NOVAYLA' Nguyen, UC

Joyce 'Arietta' Yun, UGA

Allyssa 'KaihaLeïa' Suarez, LUC

Iselle 'Illume' Montiel-Contreras, GSU

Grace 'Akalei' Yang, Emory

Kashia 'XTERIOR' Yang, Madison

Brandy 'amargot' Barfield, Clemson

Joanna 'Solairah' Bui, UNL

Mission Award

Andrea 'Acier' Garcia, UCF

Sydney 'Akéli' Bolomey, OSU

Skyla 'Elpis' Chon, UGA

Aliana 'Vaivarenn' Capati, LUC

Sruthi 'Natsuki' Pillai, UC

Jackie 'Eunhani' Luong, GSU

Aila 'Intrepïdïdïom' Jiang, Emory

Karen 'Horιzyn' Hayes, Madison

Nicole "Roselite" Tran, Clemson

Chau 'ASCENXON' Nguyen, UNL

Blue Rose Award

Hannah 'SILA' Santos, UAlbany

Hannah 'Ixia' Kulovitz, UCF

Allison 'Archangel' Bui, OSU

Jasmin 'Daphne' Lau, UGA

Philena 'Everest' Yang, GT

Ishani 'Lyzel' Paul, UC

Vruby 'Émourae' Chhoeun, GSU

Jesenia 'padentia' Perez, Emory

Adileen 'VIBRΛNT' Sii, Madison

Kayla 'persephone' Brizuela, Clemson

Shelly 'Sopráno' Nguyen, UNL

Membership Recognitions

Outgoing BOD Recognitions

Jessica Kouch, UGA

Outgoing VP of Alumnae 

Joann Podoll, UGA

Outgoing VP of Finance

Pamela Petersen, UNCC

Outgoing VP of Expansion

Alumnae Member Awards

Mission Award

Mai 'Suave' Nguyen, UCF

Jessica 'Sardønyx' Smith, UC

Christine 'ECKO' Ho, UGA

Wendy 'Auréa' Shaipitisiri, GSU

Ramsha 'Althea' Khan, Emory

Amy 'Revolution' Nguyen, Clemson

May 'Mosaic' Ramos, UGA

Linda 'Sol' Van, UCF

Distinguished Alumnae

Kristal 'Prévu' Rosas, UCF

Ngoc 'Oriflamme' Doan, IAState

Christina 'ICON' Shin, UGA

Stephanie 'Azella' Dang, GSU

Ramsha 'Althea' Khan, Emory

Maggie 'Alaïa' Yang, Madison

Kathryn 'Prototype' Ho, Clemson

Pactra 'Σmpryean' Chab, GVSU

Andrea 'Risqué' King, UGA

Myra 'Slate' Tiu, UCF

Outstanding Alumnae

Jessica 'Honora' Nguyen, UCF

Kathryn 'Prototype' Ho, Clemson

Kirstin 'Declare' Daigle, UGA

Brianna 'Kilig' George, UC

Courtney 'Seraphina' Escorza, GSU

Kelsea 'arpeggio' Lozada, Emory

Maggie 'Alaïa' Yang, Madison

Victoria 'Persevere' Le, Clemson

Payao 'Aluvyana' Lor, UNL

Christina 'ICON' Shin, UGA

Kristal 'Prévu' Rosas, UCF

Alumnae Chapter Awards

Member of the Year

May 'Mosaic' Ramos - UGA, Alumnae Chapter

Brianna 'Kilig' George - UC, Alumnae Chapter

Tina 'Stryke' Tran - Central Florida, Alumnae Chapter

Kayla 'Osiris' Sommers - UNC Charlotte, Alumnae Chapter


These awards are a collection of Greek life, community, and individual achievements.


2020 Awards

  • Undergraduate of the Year - Tammy Pham

  • Outstanding Cultural Programming - University of Central Florida, Epsilon Chapter

  • Foundation of the Year - Delta Phi Lambda Foundation, Inc.

2018 Awards 

  • Foundation of the Year - Delta Phi Lambda Foundation, Inc.

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